Coaching Philosophy

Leahey Life Coaching Services

The main body of work used in coaching clients toward improved life performance tends to be eclectic with a focus on the meaning and utilization of thoughts and feelings and how they may interact to create our preferred reality.

Effective and fun techniques are utilized to enhance client strengths. Processes are introduced to enhance an improved satisfaction with life.

Life is seen as vibration. The senses are interpreters of vibration.  Thought, too, is vibration.  When thought is vibrating very fast, you feel really  good.  Emotion is the guide which informs you if the thoughts you are  thinking are to your advantage or not.  Your thinking attracts your life  to you and your emotions tell you if you like the life you are attracting.

The laws of the universe are simple and when you learn them and practice them, you begin to easily live life deliberately with awareness and effectiveness rather than by default. Progress can be very rapid in the areas of relationships, work, creativity and spirituality.

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