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Weekly Group 2 - Notes

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10.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

We experienced another beautiful day, as the High Vibrational Alignment Group met again this past Sunday,

We  opened with a discussion about Positive Aspects in our lives.  This  raised everyone’s vibration a notch or two, as Rad gave a little  commentary on the EGS and the LOA, as well as discussing his and Terry  Ann’s interview with Abraham on Sunday. When the recording arrives, it  will be shared with those who would like.

​During  the time we gathered this past Sunday, everyone’s point of attraction rose.  We meditated, those who wanted received a flower, and each  attendee was presented a handout called:

​“Thoughts for Your Consideration”.​​​

After perusing much of the Abraham material, the following “secrets” are presented for your consideration:

* Get “there” emotionally first.
* It’s alignment we really crave and not food, drugs, alcohol, people.
* Joy is the trophy.
* Make every effort to align first.
* When we get “tuned up”, everyone we meet is in a wavelength of well-being.
* Those who are ready for you are being drawn to you.

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​11.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

Sunday,  the High Vibrational Alignment Group again gathered in that beautiful community by the bay called Santa Monica. The sun drenched green environment was again an awesome host to birds, squirrels, children and flowers, which radiated their presence and well-being.

Where else on a Sunday morning can you explore meditation, God, the “unified field”, and “collective consciousness”? 

Where  else can you hear the project begun at Princeton University by Roger  Nelson called the Global Consciousness Project in which our very own Bill S. of the BrainPaint Corporation is involved?

Where else can  you hear that at this time in our society, it is the best time to be  rich as discussed by High Vibe proponent, Alan C.?

Where else can  you learn how to effectively step outside of your “mental cocoon” and  become a powerhouse of attraction: a magnet that draws in money,  relationships, employment, knowledge and joy?

Where else can you  enter a “negative-free zone” to explore how you are the creator of your  own reality through your desires and beliefs?

Where else can you  learn what the “relaxed rich” know: that it’s not about effort, but it’s  about alignment with the best feeling part of yourself?  As Napoleon  Hill knew “it’s about vibration”.  You vibrate your way to abundance.   In the High Vibe group you learn how this works. 


Where else  can you learn that the secret to living a fun, healthy, smooth flowing  life is to gradually inculcate into your experience that the emotions  are the language of communication between your Inner Being or  non-physical self and your Outer Being or physical self?  Learning to  read the emotions will open many wonderful doors for you.

Where  else can you participate in a meeting, a gathering of high vibrational  individuals, and leave feeling many times better than when you arrived,  knowing several valuable secrets of how to make Monday a more successful  day for yourself?

As you all know, you are continually invited  to visit with us each Sunday at 11am at the High Vibrational Alignment  Group here in beautiful Santa Monica.  It’s not unusual for the session  to end around 12:30pm and you might find people here at 1:00pm, which  allows for a long afternoon of pleasure, recreation; and then sometimes a  trip to the nearby movies, or walk by the Pacific Ocean, where we often  see the joyous dolphins playing, or get together for lunch.  So, if you  would like to participate in this wonderful group of increasingly  successful and happy people, please call Terry Ann at 310.399.9398 to  reserve a seat.

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12.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

We experienced another wonderful high vibration group session today in sunny Santa Monica by the bay.
Significantly,  ways we tend to disempower ourselves by hanging out in the negative  emotions were introduced.  Maybe we chase resentments; spend energy  telling a low feeling story. Or, maybe we are trying to “fix a lack”;  solve a negative feeling; be a sounding board for problems and  complaints; engage in negative self-talk; or justify or defend a  position as to “why I’m right”.  We not only end up feeling fatigued but  tend to continue to attract more of what we do not want.

Happily,  we are aware that we can pivot out of the negative, disempowering  discussion. We recognize that to stabilize in better feeling thoughts,  we need to do our own homework to connect with our Source, and not  continue to tune ourselves to “what is”, or ever expect other people to  change so that we can be okay.  This means that we accept full  responsibility for our lives and now hold no one as the key to our  well-being, nor do they ever have to be different than they are for us  to feel good.

We discussed that we continually offer a signal to  which the Universe responds and how important it is to be attentive to  the signal we offer.  Then, it really begins to be fun, because we  realize that things do not happen outside our creative control. What is  happening to us is due to the signal we are sending right now. 

Finally,  those who are ready, to receive this information, are those people who  are willing to move outside the boundaries of their current beliefs and  are willing to modify or replace some existing beliefs that hinder the  quest for more freedom, growth or joy.

​​13,   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

Today,  we focused on the importance of not dampening down or masking our  emotions, so that we can have a keen awareness of our feelings in order  to adjust our vibrational offering and point of attraction.

​In  Deliberate Creation, we focus on what is intended, while being  consciously aware of our vibrational state of being and connection to  our Source.  We make the correlation between thinking, feeling, and what  is manifesting. In this way, we can deliberately modify our thoughts  (and thus our feelings) in order to attract something that is even more  pleasing.


13. continued

​Deliberate  Creation is about deliberately guiding thoughts in good-feeling  directions, which results in good-feeling manifestations. As our  experience in this material grows, so too will our understanding and  interpretation of what it means to be a Deliberate Creator.  When we say  we are Creators, we are not talking about creating furniture, houses,  empires, or relationships. We are talking about the creating of our  state of being. When you give that your dominant attention, then all of  the physical trappings of the Universe will fall into alignment for you.  It is simply through focusing upon how you want to feel. 

All  physical reality is a vibrational interpretation depending on our  personal mental framework through which we perceive things.  The  non-physical state describes itself as loving, joyful, knowing, secure,  and understanding of its own worthiness.  Non-physical describes us as  the leading edge of that which it is, and we can know the non-physical  state though the emotional center.  The emotions guide us, not the  head.  The non-physical state is described as our Source, our Inner  Being, our Broader Perspective, our Soul or God.  Good feeling is  confirmation of our alignment with Source.

Here’s a secret: “When  you ask for the manifestation prior to the vibration, you ask the  impossible.  When you are willing to offer the vibration before the  manifestation—all things are possible.  It is Law.” — Abe. To offer a  higher vibration, please play with this fun exercise:  Deliberately  conjure a feeling of freedom by imagining what it would feel like to  have a large amount of money at your disposal.

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14.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

We  understand that familiarity with the Emotional Guidance Scale is  important for deliberate creating and managing the Law of Attraction in  fulfilling our desires.

The emotion from which we live our life,  speak from, or think from, determines others’ reactions to us, as well  as, the circumstances and events to which we react moment to moment. 

Although  we often live our lives from a place of vibrational discord, the intent  is to feel good as we increasingly stabilize in living our lives  through the experience of our Source or Inner Being.

It’s  certainly a great advantage to live life from the older and wiser Inner  Being. “…the thoughts that come from your Inner Being are steady and  sure, almost rhythmic, while your own conscious thoughts are often  sporadic and choppy.  Your Inner Being will do a better job of staying  on one topic, while your conscious thoughts dart about from topic to  topic.”

If you let your own conscious thoughts get in the way or  override what is coming from your Inner Being, you will feel  uncomfortable with what you receive. You will be filled with doubt, or  agitation, or irritation.  When you have established your intentions  clearly, and you are receiving purely from your Inner Being, the flow of  thoughts and your expression of words are very sure, and the experience  is most satisfying.

Living life from our Inner Being, which is  Well-Being, means that we are then empowered, appreciative, loving and  joyful.  You come to understand how everything comes to you, and you are  free of fears of what others, in their differences, may do to you. You  recognize that you are in control of your own experience; joyfully in  control.

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We’re off to play another day!

 15.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

Finally, we leave you with these words to inspire you to stabilizing in a higher frequency:
“You  are continually offering a message, or pure meaning, to the Universe.   Not through your words, not through your thoughts, but through the way  you feel.  Of course, the way you feel, in any moment, is as a result of  your choice of thought or word.  But it is the way that you feel that  is your true message to the Universe, and it is the way that you feel  that is your point of magnetic attraction.  And that which is like unto  itself is drawn.” --Abe

16.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

This  past Sunday in Santa Monica was an extremely beautiful, balmy, and  breezy day as the sunlight percolated through the windows to brighten  our awareness of various high vibrational topics.

We opened the  gathering with the group sharing secret shifters or uplifting, positive,  and joyous experiences, which occurred during the past week. From a  higher frequency we then moved to a review of the Laws of the Universe.
The  group moved into a discussion of the process called, “The Book of  Positive Aspects” and reviewed a technique to assist in riding a “good  feeling wave” longer.  It’s important to remove our attention from the  “city’s potholes” and, instead, give our attention to what feels good.  We make a decision that we will look for what we want to see and “beat  that drum”.  The goal is the recognition that “I can create the reality I  face” through becoming a better “selective sifter” of the “reality that  is”.

To conclude today’s High Vibrational Alignment Group  session, everyone participated in a short meditation prior to receiving a  flower and a “free gift”. 

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