Weekly Group - Notes



Following are some written examples of the content of group sessions, as well as, the beneficial results participants report.

1.    High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

Hi Radclyfe....
Been  meaning to drop you a line for a while now... thank you for hosting the  event. I also remember having a good, positive day after leaving...  thanks for sharing this valuable information with me and others...

Sincerely – J.D.

 2.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group 

Life  is meant to be good. Life is meant to be fun. So enjoy your interests,  your hobbies, your secret shifters and the positive aspects you observe  as you move through your day.

All is well and I expect to see you  soon at another High Vibrational Alignment Group session where the  animals, birds and nature gather to celebrate the joy of life.

Keep a high good-feeling vibration and watch what you attract. 

 3.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

I  just returned from another ocean side walk following our High  Vibrational Alignment Group meeting. I felt quite high, naturally high,  after our meeting. The blue sky was laced with fluffy white clouds. The  ocean water sparkled in the sunlight. Seagulls played in the air and on  the sand. Children ran, laughed and smiled with glee. I strolled along,  amazed at life and its wonderments. I cashed in a winning lottery  ticket, bought snacks, conversed with a new business owner and meandered  on home to be with my awesomely beautiful wife in our artfully  decorated condo on a most lovely street in Southern California.

I’m  thinking that in my personal abode, I like living in a “negative free  zone”. I want to continue feeling real good. I laugh at life and with  life because it’s so much fun. The better it feels, the better it gets.  Joy is now the measure of my success. Each day I enjoy the fun and  adventure. I can relax. What’s my big hurry? All Is Well. I can feel all  is well. I get what I feel about.  The “stuff” is coming to me on my  exact frequency.  I enjoy feeling an increasing sense of well-being.

I  am looking forward to meeting more and more of you who are attracting  the High Vibrational Alignment Group. That means that you are ready for  fun, joy, merriment and the opportunity to stabilize in increasingly  good feeling. When you are ready, the “teacher” appears.  Life takes on  new meaning as you begin the experience of living life from an inner  beauty and joy. 


4.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

It’s amazing what we are learning about human life, emotions, manifestations, vibrations and the Laws which govern existence.

In  fact, it’s a dream come true to realize that life is supposed to be  fun, that our natural state is well-being and joy, and that we can chill  out, enter the easy stream of the flow of life and, by understanding  certain things, we are able to receive our desires.

Today we  talked about scripting in terms of writing a story  about what we want and why. We practiced talking about our desires as if  they have already happened. We learned to speak and write as if “it” is  done, and to always share, talk and write the story from a positive  feeling place because this removes resistance and brings about  alignment.

We further discussed how to discover where we are at  emotionally, what our set-point is, and what we are vibrating, by  watching what is coming our way.  Our vibration is attracting our  situation.  In other words, what “they” say and how “they” act towards  us is all evidence of what we have got going on. Everything coming at us  is an indicator of our vibration. 

We spent several minutes  delving into an explanation of negative emotion, why these emotions  exist and how negative emotion can help us awaken and grow toward our  positive feeling expansion.  The emotional guidance scale is invaluable  in this regard in assisting us to comprehend and experience Source. We  discussed how the emotional guidance scale relates to our personal life  growth, how it relates to our empowerment or disempowerment, and how  focusing on our negative feelings indicates that we are not being true  to who we really are.  Also, by blocking our Source alignment, we  effectively preclude the manifestation of our desires.... 

 In  upcoming meetings of our Sunday group, we will also be discussing  Twelve-Step programs and their relationship to the Laws of the  Universe.  Twelve-Step programs such as AA, Al-Anon, OA, CA and others  will be discussed in terms of the Law of Attraction, the Emotional  Guidance Scale, the Law of Deliberate Creating and the Law of Allowing.


5.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

Thank  you for helping the High Vibe Group start the New Year with good  feeling and a high vibration.  As a result of all of our experience this  past Sunday our attractive power has increased. So, let’s continue to  practice feeling good so that we attract more positive things.

Some  of Sunday’s participants are familiar with David Hawkins, MD, Ph.D. and  his book, Power versus Force.  Dr. Hawkins’s work often dovetails with  the Law of Attraction.  On page 129 of his book, he states: “In a  universe where ‘like goes to like’ and ‘birds of a feather flock  together’, we attract to us what we emanate. Consequences may come in an  unsuspected way.”  This is similar to our discussion about us being a  vibrational broadcasting station which projects our emotional set-point,  and our vibrational resume which the Universe consistently responds to  each moment.  And it’s our feelings which really inform us as to whether  or not we are on our desired path towards whatever it is we want. As  Dr. Hawkins asserts,   “…we don’t dance from logic, we dance from  feeling patterns (pg. 138).”  In practicing the Abraham Material, we  follow our joy and stabilize in increasingly positive emotions toward  our manifested life’s path and purpose. 

To further help us  stabilize in a high vibration as indicated by good feeling thoughts, we  watched the film called, “Validation”, which has had almost three  million viewers on YouTube. 

We also laughed a great deal at the humor and poetry which was shared. 

We  read the process called “The Book of Positive Aspects” from the book,  “Ask and It Is Given”.  We were encouraged to take our eyes off the  “potholes” of life and to give more of our attention to what makes us  feel good through selectively sifting the realities that we want to  replicate.  As the Abraham Material suggests, “We would not let the  reality of something be our basis for attention, we would let the  feeling vibration of it be our basis. (p. 204).  

Our focus for  the Sunday morning Workshop called “The High Vibrational Alignment  Group” is to give all of us  a venue to share the best of our life with  others who may, for whatever reason, be attracted to the material we  learn and discuss..

With this in mind, we offer everybody the  opportunity to research, explore and practice new and revolutionary  tools to take them to an internal, down-to-earth, and exciting way to  perceive their life which results immediately in a quick change of  being, achievement and inspired creative action.  

In essence,  the High Vibe Group challenges each one who attends  to develop a new  mind supported by good feeling which leads to an improved beingness, new  beneficial achievements and economical positive-feeling actions, which  will progressively and enduringly enhance each one’s life in every way.

Again, thank you for assisting us continue through another wonderful, sunny Sunday here in Santa Monica by the Bay.

While  thinking of all of your good feeling positive aspects, I send you my  uplifting thoughts as you emerge into the wonderful life of joy and  abundance which is your true destiny now and in the future. 

Hope to see you again soon


Radclyfe  Leahey, MSW, High Vibrational Alignment Group facilitator, Personal  Life Coach, and Teacher of Oriental Arts, including Yoga, Tai chi, and  Meditation. 

“When  you follow your passionate dreams you will be successful, and the  peanut gallery will have to find someone else to influence and  persuade.”  --Rad​​


6.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

The  sun seems addicted to our powerfully attractive High Vibrational  Alignment Group each Sunday, as another beautiful day unfolds before our  eyes in lovely Santa Monica by the bay.

By presenting such  exciting material each weekend, our presentations are becoming more fun,  clear, and effective in the lives of participants.

We are very  happy to be able to contribute to a psychosocial, economic, medical and  educational paradigm shift in the consciousness of our families, the  community, and the nation.

As William James (1842-1910)  commented: “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and dismissed as  trivial, until it finally becomes what everybody knows.”

The  leverage and power of thought is enormous when compared to straight  action.  To take the “emotional journey” first, before embarking on  physical actions, is revolutionary. 

Emotions tell you whether or  not the vibrations you are radiating are really serving you and if you  are lined up to attract your desires.  Knowing the role of emotions in  your life is critical in knowing how to change your point of attraction  to improve your life regarding every subject.

The High  Vibrational Alignment Group helps you in every way to improve your life  and to manifest a life of which you could only dream.  This is done by  manipulating or playing with universal laws, understanding the function  of emotions, and aligning with your deepest internal reality, which  constantly calls you but which you constantly resist. 

7.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

Today, was another sunny Sunday by the Santa Monica Bay here in beautiful southern California. 

I was reminded that there are never that many people on the “leading edge” of thought.

I  am very appreciative of those who are attracted enough to take time out  of their busy California lives to come and “play” with us on Sunday  mornings. 

The Abraham material is revolutionary for our time and  age. It may take us a long time to attract the Abraham message, and  then a while longer to get a deeper and more profound Abraham  experience.

Today, I have never been more hopeful, optimistic,  passionate and appreciative about my life.  I love the people I attract  to my personal life coaching practice here in Santa Monica. Those who  have been involved in Twelve Step programs – because of their past inner  work – are eager to learn how to more effectively move beyond their  resistance to their natural state of well-being, as they learn how to  deliberately create the best life they can imagine.  

It seems  unimaginable that there really is a loving conscious flowing energy and  vibration that communicates with us each moment, which will guide our  lives to abundance, joy and upliftment, if we allow it.  

For  years, I held unsatisfactory old ideas about how life should be lived. I  pursued my borrowed visions for success and when I accomplished what I  thought was the best that society had to offer, I ended up in despair,  pain, angry and frustrated. I laid low, and quietly explored every  religion, spiritual path, martial art, philosopher and business model on  the planet. I read thousands of books and articles, and traveled and  visited with a great many teachers, “knowers of truth”, and fellow  wisdom seekers. 

My journey finally took me to the mysterious  conscious vibratory energy which permeates all of us, but about which  most of us on the planet know very little. I have begun my new adventure  where I am learning how to access my power in the now, how to relax  moment to moment and allow my deliberate creative tendencies to unfold  before my eyes.  I have been learning how the Universe works and the  principles that help humans know how to make life worth living. What an  adventure this is to discover our “real” and natural life we can live,  and how to “allow” this birthright. To discover and be able to take  advantage of a whole new outlook on health and well-being and to  actually experience enhanced health and well-being – I have not known  anything quite like this.

I learned an enormous amount of  wonderful information, which I am passing on to open-minded, receptive  individuals in my coaching practice and in my High Vibe Group on Sunday  mornings.

It is a joy for me to share my enhanced life  experience, as I help others open up to their own well-being as they  discover that they too can live an enhanced and rewarding life  adventure.

8.   High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group

We  spent another beautiful southern California Sunday discovering the art  of living from a state of Joy, no matter where we’re standing or what  we’re looking at.

Rad watched Caramel, Diana’s sweet dog, witness  the visiting humming bird hovering at the front entrance door. What an  opportunity for a gleeful pause!

We shared informative material  from various books during the hour.  Eckhart Tolle’s book, “The Power of  Now”, was presented as a bridge to the Abraham material.  “Ask and It  is Given” was discussed in terms of the Creative Process, and the  subject of “Allowing” was emphasized.  And, the wonderful book, “The  Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative  Relationships”, provided the context for our High Vibrational Alignment  Group today.

There was much fun, laughter, and humor as we  discussed the topic of relationships. We could sum up today’s teaching  by reiterating: “From our point of view, there’s only one relationship  to attend to—and that’s the relationship between you and You.  The rest  will take care of itself.”

 9. High Vibrational Alignment & Empowerment Group 

Today  the High Vibrational Alignment Group met and considered the two aspects  of consciousness and the nine concepts through which we construct our  personal and social world.

We reviewed that positive emotions and thoughts empower us and that negative emotions and thoughts disempower us.

After  a brief meditation, discussion, video presentation, and a question and  answer period, everyone received some free gifts and departed for  another wonderful, uplifting day of deliberately aligning with Source.

It’s  wonderful that people from every walk of life are being assisted to  improve in their relationships, businesses, careers and health pursuits.

For a Very Satisfying Personal Coaching or Group Session 
By appointment

Please call Terry Ann  310-399-9398            

“The  quality and the benefit to individuals of Rad’s professional life  coaching practice, his skill and understanding and the benefit to the  neighborhood and community, is like none other. As far as I can surmise,  Rad’s level of individual, group, and business help is the best there  is.” –From a satisfied customer. 

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