What they say about Radclyfe:

“The  quality and the benefit to individuals of Rad’s professional life  coaching practice, his skill and understanding and the benefit to the  neighborhood and community, is like none other. As far as I can surmise,  Rad’s level of individual, group, and business help is the best there  is.” –From a satisfied customer.

"Dear Radclyfe
Thank you so very much for your wisdom, friendship, contributions to all about you.  As usual, you’re way ahead of us all!" 

 -- Love, Clint H. 

"Radclyfe Leahey is a gentle and deeply spiritual man with a gift for listening."
-- Roger Morrison, M.D.
   Berkeley, California

"Like  Buddha, Rad helps those he counsels to ‘Become a light unto  themselves’. He is able to help people tap into the wisest and  healthiest parts of themselves, thus allowing them to find the answers  they seek."
-- Love, Peter R.

"Mozart composed music. Van Gogh painted. Radclyfe coaches."
-- Terry Ann L.

"Radclyfe, Thank you for a very uplifting and educational share. We love it. Thanks again."
-- Love, Anonymous

"I  really appreciate you. You are such a blessing to others and you know  the program so well. Every time you speak, you bring strength,  experience, and hope. Thank you for being who you are."
-- John C.

      Thank you for spending time with me every week. Our sessions have had a  profound impact on my life! You are indeed a genius! You’re kind,  funny, generous, revolutionary, inspiring, and a wonderful example to  those around you. I wish nothing less than the very best in the coming  year. May you achieve all of your desires…Perhaps “allow” would be more  appropriate than achieve (I’m still learning). Thank you, Radclyfe."
-- Love, Richard D.


“He’s really good.”  
-- Maggie K.

"Thank  you soo much for inviting me to Rad's talk yesterday. It was so very  inspirational.  I got clear about a few things, which meant, my mind  opened up and my spirit was able to direct me in my thoughts.  I must  have felt comfortable.  I would love to join you for another group  session soon."
-- Stephanie

"Thank you. I feel much better. You are incredible."
-- Andy V.

"One of the great gifts we have to be thankful for is Radclyfe…"
-- Joe G.